Fighting Your Daily Demons

“Calm down.”

When was the last time someone said that to you? Or the last time you said that to anyone? When was the last time you were so stressed out you cussed and throw a fit and was boiling with rage? When was the last time you were around someone who fits the bill?

What happened, what did you do or did not do?

What I am about to share with you will change the way you look at stress forever (that’s what they usually say for drama effect,lol).

download (2)I recently experienced “indirect stress”, and it was ugly. Indirect stress because I was not stressed out per se, someone close to me was and I happened to be around her and she was so stressed out, all hell broke loose. It started with a little frustration, then escalated to pressure and she ended up all worked up and very stressed. I can tell you she was exhausted after the episode.

The whole time she was cussing and said the F word about 20 million times, I was calm but stressed out on the inside. I couldn’t even say a word because at one point I made a joke, and her spirit was riled up all the more. When she noticed that I was only trying to lighten up the situation, she breathed easy and talked softly.

Does that sound familiar?

Then, in my quiet time I was playing the scene in my head and I was instructed and something that I have learned from some twenty years ago came back to me. I had an instant reminder about something.

What is the reminder?
The reminder was Ephesians 6;12!20130320-151600.jpg

We can read all the books about stress and stress management and all the unpleasant destructive emotions, but if we do not recognize why that is so, no amount of self-help book will and can help you.

For believers we know that our spirit is that of the Lord. And the fruit of the spirit is found here. That is why when we hear someone cussing or are enraged, our spirit is troubled because the other spirits are repulsive. To some people cussing does not affect them, to some it is bothersome. Why? it all boils down to the kind of spirit we have in us.


Outside of this, is from the enemy-Satan and his cohorts. Is Satan happy for us when we are joyful, at peace and calm? NO SIRREE! He wants to steal our joy! He does that subtly and cunningly, disarming even the most faithful of us. But soon as we recognize that Satan and his demons are harassing us, the better we know how to combat stress and anger and whatever else.

Then you say, but it was not me that was stressed out, it was someone else. I was not the one cussing and throwing a fit and got into a rage. That’s true. But in some, if not most situations, you are present to witness and experience some level of “indirect stress”, right? Where there are believers in Jesus, harassment will always be present-in any way, shape or form. And you better believe that.

What’s going on?
As believers, we are equipped and have the authority to cast out demons. “Whoa! Hold it right there!”, is what you might be saying. yeah? You heard me right. We are children of God and we are given the authority to rebuke, bind and cast out demons and to stop them from harassing us.


Some people think only of demons on a grand scale, like horror-movie exorcist scale.Demons are as real as angels and they are in constant battle against each other, more so if you are a praying believer. Since they cannot possess us, they can surely harass us and steal our joy. Why? Because that is the nature of the beast.

Satan does not want us to be joyful and happy with Jesus, and he does not stop at nothing. Don’t be fooled into thinking that Satan and his demons are slacking, they don’t. His tactics are the same, subtle, cunning and almost charming to some extent (that’s why we are torn when tempted, because Satan presents sin and temptation as harmless and fun).

download (1)What authority and how?
In the name of Jesus alone can we rebuke Satan and his demons. We can’t say “Hey, satan I’m a child of God leave me alone!”, yeah right. Satan knows who we are and whose side we are on, but it is only through Jesus that we are able to rebuke and shut him up.

The power and authority come from Jesus, no one else. We don’t cower and run and hide at the mention of Satan’s name. We are victorious, and we are given the authority in the name of Jesus.

Remember these:

  • 4 You, dear children, are from God and have overcome them,because the one who is in you is greater than the one who is in the world. (1 John 4:4)
  • 37 No, in all these things we are more than conquerors through him who loved us (Romans 8:37)

images (1)Satan is a fallen creature. As a creature, he is also subjected to the authority of Jesus. We can’t rebuke him in our mind, we have to confess and say it out loud because Satan is not omni-present and omniscient, like Jesus. He can’t read our minds and access our hearts. He is not aware of what we pray for, unless it is confessed and uttered. The only reason Β he is able to harass us is through the information he gathers (and uses as his leverage) when he hears us speak it, murmur or curse under our breath.

In closing, it’s not so much the word that we say that shuts Satan up, it’s the authority by which we speak it. Next time you are under spiritual attack, rebuke Satan and his demons in the name of Jesus and Jesus alone.

images (3)

23 thoughts on “Fighting Your Daily Demons

  1. Excellent and timely post. Without the authority we’ve been given by Jesus I would be in a horrible mess ever day. I only have one weapon in my armory – “In the name of Jesus and by the power of HIs shed blood.” Using this daily keeps life from getting out of control.

    I wrote about my experience with this (honestly not trying to “toot my own horn,” just thought you might enjoy the Lord’s word to me on the matter.) You can find it here:

    I’m looking forward to reading more posts from you in the future.

    To victory….
    Praise Jesus!


  2. In the past I have had issues with temptations and what I have found is the garbage in garbage out principal works better than anything. When I fill my spirit with the things of the world like tv, secular music, you name it the temptations multiply. In contrast, when I fill my time with the word and avoid the garbage I don’t have to worry about doing warfare, the temptations are minimal.

    I do agree with the warfare and stepping into the grace that Jesus brought us through the cross.


  3. Fantastic entry… Glory to God in Christ Jesus, AMEN! πŸ˜€ I look forward to following your blog… and I love it’s theme, so cute! May our Lord bless you and yours.


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