Interview with Jonathan


Tonight we are privileged to have one of the most admired men in the bible. He made us cry, he showed us the true meaning of friendship through selflessness. The epitome of a true BFF…Ladies and Gentlemen, would you welcome Jonathan.

PD: Good evening Jonathan, I’m honored to have you on my blog tonight. What’s going on?

Jonathan: My pleasure.I’m happy to be here (waves at WP readers excitedly).

PD: So let’s get this thing going. We are all aware of your friendship with David. Let us start with how you guys met?

Jonathan: I have heard of him before as a young man who killed a lion and a bear, he was a shepherd but I have come to know more about him on a personal level when he started working for my dad as a musician and later on as his armor-bearer, and when he killed Goliath, I just became one in Spirit with him. He was highly recommended and my dad was just crazy about him (laughs).

PD: What is it about David that you admire the most?

Jonathan: That is a no-brainer, PD. What’s not to like about David? I mean, he is just a wonderful man. His valor, his courage. When he fought Goliath, he just didn’t win my respect but the whole land, practically. He is a godly man, a talented musician, an animal lover. Not to mention charming and good looking that my sister Michal fell in love with him. The total package!

PD: Are you comfortable discussing the feud between your dad and David?

Jonathan: You know, it is sad that their relationship turned sour. My dad has so many issues and I am embarrass to say this, but my dad is insecure and threatened first of all, that I won’t be king. He is just blinded by jealousy and rage and is determined to eliminate a competition for myself and himself, too. It is pretty crazy.He needs to go through anger management class before things get ugly.images (1)

PD: Well, weren’t you threatened? Your dad after all was just protecting what rightfully belongs to you?

Jonathan: Actually, no. Why should I? I fought my own battles. I know I am capable, I know my strength. I am my own great warrior. But you know, God is still in control. He decides, not I nor my dad. My dad is stubborn, he won’t listen to me or my sister. He is mad. Every time I mediate and ask him to cut David some slack, he gets upset with me and things get ugly. One time, he almost killed me. It’s very stressful.

PD: Tell us about your friendship. Must be difficult being caught in the middle..David and your dad..?

Jonathan: That is true. It’s very consuming and mind boggling that my dad won’t stop trying to kill David. He is relentless. David didn’t do anything wrong, for crying out loud! I felt it was my responsibility to protect him. I care deeply for him as a friend and although my dad was insanely jealous and afraid of him , I treasure our friendship. It was funny the way we planned our secret code. I’m sure you’ve heard about the field thing? I was nervous, but I had to do what I had to do. That’s how I value and treasure David. He is more than a friend to me, he is like a brother.

PD: When was the last time you talked to David?

Jonathan: (teary-eyed..long pause) . PD, I have no idea where he is right now. The last time we talked was at the field. It was really a sad day for both of us.We must have cried a river that day. I really feel sad because David has been hiding. As we speak, my dad is planning his next step and attack on David’s life. God knows how much I wanted to save him. I have done everything to protect him. And I miss him very much. He doesn’t deserve this. He fought and brought glory to the land and my dad, and yet none of that is enough for my dad to stop his insane crusade to kill David. I just pray that he’s safe.

PD: I’m sorry Jonathan for all this..Do you have anything to say to David, if he can read this? and what do you want to say to the WordPress community?

Jonathan: First of all, thank you for this rare opportunity. I pray and ask God to bless you and all of WordPress audience. To my best friend David, wherever you are.. I hope that you are well and safe. I miss you. I have never forgotten our sworn friendship, and I am confident that God is with you and that our friendship will transcend time and will be passed on between our descendants forever.

WordPress Community treasure your friends, protect them and love them as yourselves. Thank you.

A friend loves at all times.
Proverbs 17:17

David Slaying Goliath


18 thoughts on “Interview with Jonathan

      1. I like and agree with they way you are thinking. If we talked more, we may find some differences of opinion, but that is okay. Few people I know agree on everything in the scriptures, or in life!

        Still, when you are right, you are right, and I don’t mind saying I agree with what you say and/or post!


      2. And see, I always agree with that idea. People can and will have different ideas and opinions, it makes life interesting. No one…(at least not me)…wants to be a robot, thinking like everyone else in every way πŸ™‚


  1. This is so wonderfully creative and well done, I’m not sure I have the words to thank you. I was totally engaged from “Tonight” through “Thank you”. What a talent! We all want you to grab your pen again and let your imagination fly! Thanks!


    1. ha ha I know huh? I was getting tired of myself, and while writing I was imagining interviewing Jonathan to put things in perspective, then I just said wait, why don’t I just “interview” him lol. thanks a bunch!


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