Love Does Boaz, but is Not Proud.


If it weren’t for my parents, you wouldn’t get that promotion.

If it weren’t for my profession, you wouldn’t be able to do your shopping spree.

What are your “if it weren’ts?”


If this is your first time to meet Boaz, he was a rich land owner in Bethlehem.  He later married Ruth, he was the great-grandfather of King David.

Boaz in today’s age  would qualify as a Dirty Old Man. (Pardon the term) Rich, good-looking, advance in age and girls hanging out in his field (to work of course). But Boaz was anything but a dirty old man. He was a perfect gentleman, a reasonable and generous employer, and a benevolent man.  A man of his stature these days would have bragged about almost everything and use his position to take advantage of everyone, especially women.

But as we read in the book of Ruth, he married her not for his own sake but for Ruth’s sake. The intention was pure and simple ,to keep the legacy of the house of  Elimelech.

As was the tradition in those days, when Naomi tried to sell their property, a kinsman was to purchase and redeem it  to restore the name/lineage.  Malon, the first-born and Ruth’s late husband didn’t leave Ruth a child so  there was no one to carry on the name , hence Boaz took it upon himself and acquired the property along with Ruth.

In Chapter 4 v. 10, Boaz proclaimed the reason he married Ruth. His intention  was simple and noble to some extent.  He had no need for the recognition and praise of men. He just wanted to help. I believe that his charitable spirit earned him the respect of his community and the blessing of the Lord, as evident with the birth of Obed ( and the rest is biblical history).

I don’t doubt Boaz fell in love with Ruth and loved her and his  love extended to Naomi. Not prideful, not boasting, not bragging. He loved and he did it best.

I’m not sure if there are a lot of Boazs  living today. He married Ruth for the purpose of restoring wealth and name. Who would do that nowadays?

Loving someone makes you want to do things to the other person-not just things but good things to ensure happiness and security in all levels. Not do something and boast about it to make you the better person or the “martyr”.

Love does not boast and is never proud. You may be in the position where you are “superior” financially speaking, it is not something you declare daily about why your other half married you. It may be a bonus but true love transcends socio-economic status and goes beyond having a trophy wife/husband.

Does your love Boaz?

Ruth in Boaz's Field
Ruth in Boaz’s Field (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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