From the Latin word patiens, meaning to suffer, to endure


We use the word love loosely. We say “I love you”  like a mantra, like it’s suppose to change something- a feeling, an attitude, a behavior. We feel special being said “I love you” to. Three simple words, yet very powerful.

Dissecting the word love is like disturbing a beehive, all kinds of bees come out. And today we are letting out a bee-the patient bee.

There are different kinds of love and that is not what I’m going to  discuss here today. I just wanted to first show a fact:  that amongst God’s creations, only us humans are capable of love. We love God, we love our family, we love our friends and yes, sometimes our enemies.

Love is patient, how?

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If you are a parent juggling between two jobs and running a busy household with kids, tending to a needy husband, doing dishes, paying bills-patience is usually short.

“If you don’t know what monomial is, how in the world would I know? I don’t have time for this ask your Father.”   (But because I love you, ) get your textbook and we’ll figure it out together.”

If you are a caregiver  for an elderly, patience is usually short.

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“You have to get up and hurry, or soil your bedsheet.”  (But because I love you,)  take your time until you get your bearing, if you don’t make it to the bathroom, big deal! I can always clean that up.”

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If you are a babysitter, patience is usually short.

“Stop bugging me, I’m on the phone. Sit down and shut up! (But because I love you), What’s wrong? You must be hungry, stop crying now and let’s eat.”

If you are a girlfriend in a relationship for over a year or so, waiting for the big rock ,patience is usually short.

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“If you won’t propose in six months, it’s over!  (But because I love you,) I’ll wait until we’ve saved up ready emotionally, spiritually and financially.”

If you are a boyfriend in a relationship and you want  physical gratification, patience is always short.images (8)

I thought you loved me? Prove it to me” (But because I love you) I will respect you and wait until we get married.”

If you are driving and you are running late, patience is way too short.

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“(Swerves, switches lane, beats the red light, curses under your breath)  (But because I love,) I am sorry Lord, I should have had an early start. Okay pedestrians, your turn -go ahead.”

If you are God and your patience is short, scary is an understatement.

“You sinned again? This is the nth time you’ve asked me for forgiveness. No way,  enough is enough. Get away from me. (But because I love you), of course I forgive you!”

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Today’s challenge: Is your fuse short? Do people around you feel like they  walk on eggshells?  How can you exercise patience today?

*pictures were taken off google


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