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magdalena vandenberg

friendshipRemember the old school days when making best-friends-forever was as easy as opening your lunchbox and trading sandwiches? Never mind the fact, the whole best buddies thing could just as easily go stale by the bread’s use by date.

Whether trading your chocolate hail sandwich (yes I had those) for a more exotic cheese sandwich, social media works on the same principle – liking something in common. ln this case…I like your sandwiches, so let’s be friends, and share.

Whether you were once that super confident cocky kid, or the shy one always skirting around the edges, we all go through that “what will they think of me” moment. No matter how swish we like to think we will become in the social media universe, or how many books, blogs, or words we’ve written. We were all once kids looking to make friends.

Before you get yourself up and tweeting, posting…

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