Are You Looking for a Wife?

Or are you contemplating on being a wife?

There are so many types of wives. The desperate wives, the Jezebel wives, the martyr wives, the basketball wives, the real (I deduce there are fake wives?) wives, mob wives, and the list goes on.

King Solomon in all his wisdom presented  us a clear picture of an ideal wife in Proverbs 31:10-31  A wife of noble character. The author went on to say that this kind of wife is far more worthy than rubies. And his question still resonates today: “Who can find her?”  or “where to find her?”.

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My Story

I am not yet a wife, but my morning  devotion instructed me on how to be a wife. (Maybe because I have been praying and frustratingly waiting to be one). My prayers have always been “God, when?”  “Hello, God? I’m still waiting..? “Father, when?”  Then, yesterday part of my devotion, I stumbled upon 1 Corinthians 7:1

” Now for the matters you wrote about: it is good for a man not to marry.”

” Ha ha ha, seriously, Lord? Are you kidding me?”  (the context of the verse I can blog eventually), but I just wanted to share how God communicates with me and I am telling you God has a sense of humor, too.  For you to appreciate and understand where I am coming from,this kind of spiritual banter has been going on for several years now and I keep storming the gates of Heaven for His answer and approval.  One day, my boyfriend expressed that he wants to get married ( I hope with me) and  I was giddy so  that night I prayed to God and said “Father, is this it really?”  But it seems like riding a roller coaster and without providing details, several nights later I ended up asking God again  “Seriously Lord, what is it, what the heck is going on? ” One step forward, two steps back?? that’s not fair! “download

That’s why this morning when I was reading Proverbs 31:10-31, I realized that God posed a challenge  to me.  Not that I am presumptuous or anything but it was as if God was saying “if I could spare you from the “horrors” (lol) of marriage I would, but if you really want to be married let me ask you these questions:

  • v.11  Will your husband be confident in you and trust you, lacking nothing of value?
  • v.12  Will you bring him good, not harm all the days of your life? (not just when life is comfortable and happy? but also when times are tough?) Or will you throw a glass at him when you fight?
  • v.13-14  Will you be willing to work and eagerly at that? Will you be as enterprising and creative? Or will you have a sense of entitlement and say I will marry a rich man and sit pretty all my life.
  • v. 15  Will you be willing to get up early to prepare breakfast for your family? Or will you grumble and throw a fit because your sleep is interrupted?
  • v.16-18 Will you be prudent and a good steward?   Will you be financially wise to save up and not  spend beyond your means?  Will you not become one day millionaire and shop to death?
  • v.19  Will you be able to improve yourself and develop skills and learn how to change bulbs or remedy a leaking faucet until the plumber arrives?
  • v. 20 Will you be generous and giving, especially to the needy?
  • v.21-22 Will you take care of your household, do laundry, cook meals, maintain cleanliness, be organized and prepared at all times? or will you resent that and complain and say “I’m a wife, not a maid!” ?
  • v.23  Will your husband be respected not only on the account of his own work and merit, but will he be respected on the account of  you being equally esteemed? Will you be a loving wife, respecting and honoring your husband? Or will you be nagging him and showing disrespect when you talk about him amongst your friends and family?
  • v. 24 Will you strive for integrity in your workmanship?
  • v. 25 Will you be strong under tribulation and trials?  Will you maintain your composure and dignity in the midst of hardships?  Will you still maintain a happy disposition when life gets tough?
  • v. 26 Will you be wise in your counsel or will you indulge in gossips and slander?
  • v.27 Will you take care of your household first and not get involved in petty neighbor quarrels and factions? OR will you be killing time updating your Facebook status and brag about everything on your page?
  • v. 28 Will you raise your children in the ways of God? Will you be more of a nurturing mother than a permissive  friend to them?
  • v.30 Above all, will you serve and honor God or will you be consumed by maintaining your looks and holding on or regaining your youth?

images (7)This isn’t just for me. This is for anyone who also wants to be a wife. And if you are already a wife, this could be  a  general user-manual written by God, to be referred to  and put to practice all the time.


*all pictures were taken off google


7 thoughts on “Are You Looking for a Wife?

  1. My wife of 18+ years is the most wonderful friend & partner to me, and mother of our kids, for whom I could have ever asked.
    My prayers that this man will be honoring to/of you, and you to/of him.

    Marriage (and then kids) is a seriously tough gig, …but it’s worth it.


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