World’s Most Hated

You think you got it tough? You think you got it hard?  Think again..

Yesterday I was watching a program called ” Top Ten Most Hated People in America” , (although hate is a strong word) they were hated for all the right reasons.  Then I thought of people in the bible that were equally if not most hated, and there were a lot actually. But I thought I’d just concentrate on just one person who was the most hated then and still the most hated now. Hated for all the wrong reasons, hated for no reason at all.

Jesus Christ. 

He was so hated that it caused Him his life. He is still hated now that people are consciously removing Him from their lives , banning prayers from everywhere outside the church, tainting His reputation, mocking Him, downplaying the importance of His death and Lordship and just totally dismissing Him -nothing more than just a wishful character in a myth, a senseless ado about nothing. He is so hated that anyone who follows him suffers the same ridicule and mockery. So hated that His name now is nothing but a curse word.images (4)

“What is so wrong with Him that people are offended by Him?”

I can only speculate and maybe these could be the reasons why people hate the Lord Jesus Christ.

  1.  Maybe because they don’t know Jesus Christ?  They have a head knowledge of who He is, but there is no personal intimate relationship and because it is impersonal, there’s disconnect and indifference. You cannot defend someone you don’t know on a personal basis, right?
  2.  Maybe because Jesus Christ is perfect? He calls people on their shenanigans and sins, and  they don’t like it. He condemns sinful lifestyles and they mask their hatred by turning the table around saying : “I have the right to my body, I am free to do as I please..&%$# you!”
  3.  Maybe because Jesus was uneducated?  A carpenter born in a manger? Are you serious? The Pharisees hated Him because Jesus exposed their anomalies. He was uneducated yet wise in everything. They relentlessly tried to find fault in Him, so much so that even when Christ was doing good, He was condemned as if He’s done something bad. Even in our society today, “intellectuals” refuse to acknowledge Jesus Christ, let alone believe Him.
  4. Maybe because Jesus Christ claim to be the only way to Heaven?  Following Christ is  a lot of work, it is costly and requires complete obedience. People are offended when they are reminded that no good work nor charity donation will get them to Heaven.
  5. Maybe because Jesus Christ, the most hated in all the world can genuinely love everyone including those who hate Him? What could be more blood boiling than hating someone yet giving  love and compassion in return? We don’t like that because human nature constantly looks for drama, chaos and reason to hate.  It is always easy to forward a cause and justify hate when there’s static and threat.

We live in a society where hating is easier than loving. Hating a co-worker who has integrity and dependable is easier than embracing the same values. Hating God for a calamity or a tragedy is easier than letting go and forgiving and hoping for something intangible.

But God loves us no matter what. He knew that His Son was going to be hated and killed, and yet He selflessly offered Jesus Christ so we can all be saved.

You can hate Jesus all you want, but one thing will never change:

Jesus loves you.

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*all pictures were taken off google.


10 thoughts on “World’s Most Hated

  1. I find these two things about people who reject Christ Jesus:

    1. They heard someone else doesn’t like or believe in Him, so they won’t either. They don’t investigate for themselves.

    2. People don’t realize that the commands of God have nothing but “upside” for all people who live by them. All they see are a bunch of “no-no’s” and don’t see that it’s best they stay away from those things anyway!



    1. People are lazy. They don’t do their due diligence. You are right about people developing dislikes or disgusts because of hearsay. God’s commandments are repulsive because they entail self-control, fortitude and accountability. Most people are not about accountability. Too much work for some. I mean what is wrong with “Thou shall not kill”? Or “honor your parents”? “or “love one another”?

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Girl, you hit the nail on the head with this! People don’t want to be told how to live, even when it is immensely better than anything they come up with on their own!

        There is nothing wrong with any of the commands you just mentioned. In fact, the ungodly WANT those things, but they are only willing to accept them when they are part of an “inclusion” plan of society, or “enlightened” way of life as proposed by lawmakers and politicians!

        All good things are of God, yet people won’t accept them unless they think that man has created them!!!!!!!!!! 😦 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!




  2. All of this hatred for Jesus is totally filthy and disgusting.
    I had a dream about Jesus. I am writing on it for my other blog that I hardly ever write on.
    I think that people will really come to believe that there IS a Jesus after I write it.
    It was so modern!! LOL

    Anyway, I cannot remember his face.
    All I know is that he is handsome. He is loving, kind, and knows EVERYTHING!


      1. I will 🙂 I an a Jew-Tian.. Makes Jews nuts, makes Christians crazy 😀
        It was just a dream.
        But it was just so good


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