You’re A Nobody…

…but you are the apple of God’s eyes!

How’s that for starters?

There was nothing dramatic about how I met God, although at a tender age of 15 it seemed like it was. I prayed this morning saying to God, I am already of age and I have nothing to show for it. “Aarrgh, what am I gonna do?”  Mid-life crisis? Sure. (chuckle) But seriously, do you wake up every morning feeling certain of your day?  In your quiet moment don’t you ask or at least speculate what God has in store for you?

I do.

This isn’t about lack of faith and lack of trust in God. It is about what extraordinary thing God will create for me, still.  Looking back I thought I had extraordinary moments -and they were , at the time.   When I feel like God is silent, my curiosity is piqued and I become nosy and I get nervous lol.

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I Get Nosy…

I started thinking, “Hmm I don’t have tear-jerking testimony. Not the kind that will make people go aww,,oohhh, wow!”  I began to make mental inventory of people who are great, chosen by God to do wonderful things like singing and becoming recording artists, or preachers who  are popular and well-liked. I am a nobody is what it seems, then God stepped in and reminded me ..“you think you are a nobody (and you might be) but you are somebody in my kingdom and the apple of my eyes.” 

What Is Your Gift?
What Is Your Gift?

God favors and honors His children. God also gives us different gifts just as He determines. And in doing so most of the time, God calls the ordinary, unqualified people to do the job. Isn’t that something? So I may be a nobody but I count, and that’s what matters to me.

Then I started to realize, in my ordinariness I can impact people through my writing however flawed and imperfect it may appear. That is my testimony!  I can make people laugh and make life a little easy to bear. I can be a companion to someone who has been alone and lonely. I can put ointment on somebody’s burned skin. I can do laundry, clean the house and just be a friendly neighbor. I can pray for my family and friends. I can share God’s goodness and salvation.

I don’t have to build an ark nor be sold as a slave to be great. I can be exactly just what God wanted me to be-a nobody for somebody or a nobody for another nobody! We can do great things  and impact lives in our own little way through God.

When you are tempted to think of yourself as a Christian wallflower, just  say:

” I’m a fruit-and a shiny red one at that.”


*all pictures were taken off google page.


7 thoughts on “You’re A Nobody…

  1. Very strange…
    I have many gifts…God given, I know…
    but just this morning I put off reading your post because I needed to get something striaght in my own mind…I felt worthless and insignificant, after “Job-like” reverses, and that was all right..I was thinking that it was what God wanted for be a nobody…and I would submit to his will…and felt some kind of relief in doing so.
    Maybe it’s what he/she wants and maybe it isn’t, but I came back and read your post…and it’s as if you were looking over my shoulder.
    You see…you impacted me !


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