13 for 13

Gone with the old, hello new year!

Most people make resolutions for the new year, and why not?  new year signifies new beginning, new hope, new leaf, clean slate. There is always something refreshing and exciting about the new year. It’s like Christmas morning, right?  (to me at least.)

The most common illustration  for the new year is a picture of  two men-one old and tired, one young and full of life.  If life lasted only 365, wouldn’t we want to live to the fullest, with purpose and direction?

But this year (which starts in less than 24 hours),  instead of  resolutions why don’t we go into a spiritual spring cleaning, yeah?  We can use 2 Corinthians 5;17 as our guide:

 Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, the new creation has come:
 The old has gone, the new is here!

As believers, we tend to be complacent at times. We let “life” take over us and as we become less and less involved in things spiritual, we become more and more caught up in “harmless”, worldly activities. I, too am guilty of that.

So in lieu of resolutions, I came up with 13 reminders for 2013-for  myself and for anyone who doesn’t like resolutions.

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13 reminders for ’13:

1.   Get rid of our old, unused clothes and donate them to church, or anyone who might be interested in them. It will not only give  us closet space, it will give us the  opportunity and the joy  to help others.

2.  Lessen TV time,computer time (except when we blog 🙂 ) and spend more time reading the bible and spending time with family and friends.

3.  Avoid gossiping. Rule of thumb is if we are talking about someone not present, that’s gossip. If someone is talking about someone not present, remove yourself from the discussion. Participation by listening is as bad as talking.

4.  Quit smoking. I don’t smoke but for anyone who still smokes, please quit. I recently lost a friend to cancer because she was a heavy smoker. Remember that our body is not a wonderland it is the temple of the Holy Spirit.

5.  Don’t take home stapler, bond paper or anything from the workplace. That is stealing.

6.  There is no such thing as white lies, a lie is a lie is a lie and it’s a sin. Tell the truth at all times and leave the consequences to God.

7.  Forget about pride. Call a family member you haven’t talked to in ages. Forgive, forget and move on.

8.  Return any borrowed items. A shirt, a CD, a hammer, etc. If they no longer exist, buy a replacement and return it with a short note with just this: “I’m sorry and thank you.”

9. Call a friend, and ask how you can pray for him/her.

10.  Be generous. I know times are tough, but some people are less fortunate than we are.

11. Be prayerful. The end of age is near and we should ask the Father for guidance and protection all the time.

12. Be thankful. Instead of murmuring, grumbling and complaining, just be thankful. Those with grateful hearts are content and happy most of the time.

13. And lastly, keep blogging.keep writing and keep inspiring people.

There ! 13  in 2013 :). I’m a happy girl.


5 thoughts on “13 for 13

  1. That’s a pretty good list, P-dwtr! The watch less TV we took care of years ago (we cancelled our cable), but the rest are all decent reminders or areas in which to strive.

    Just noticed how similar in tone your post is to my sister’s (GBL).
    Maybe it’s a female thing…?

    Regardless, I appreciate the post!!
    Many thanks…


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