Don’t They Know It’s the End of the World?

imageYesterday I went to the city for a little shopping and errands, and I was taken aback by its unusual silence. There were lights but I thought they lacked brilliance, except for the kids who occasionally screamed while ice skating the only sound I heard was silence. It was something in the air like sadness or emptiness, maybe?

The usual street performers weren’t there and the only guy pretending to be happy was the balloon-making Santa slash clown in the corner of Stockton and Geary Sts.

While walking around, I stopped at one intersection and watched the people. They were like zombies. Not sure if they were cold but they didn’t seem warm either. I thought everyone looked like mechanical robots programmed to go through the motion. In my mind I was thinking “someone might also be watching me thinking the same way”. So, I forced a conscious fake smile and decided to just head home.

Today on my way to work, I picked up the papers left by another passenger on the train and read about the parents burying their kids in Connecticut and that there was an endless crisscrossing of long processions and people turning up at overlapping services for the kids. During the procession all the trees and lights were lit as a memorial/tribute to the victims. The paper said it was bright and colorful- something those kids would be fascinated with and delighted to see, if they were alive.

Then at lunchtime I saw a segment about some people panic buying and getting ready for the “end of the world”. It will happen this Friday, so I heard.

End of the world

…and I felt tired-emotionally and mentally.

With all the bad news we hear and all the horrible things happening around us, it is easy to lose heart and get rattled and be scared.

But isn’t it written that there will be signs of His coming? There will also be false prophets declaring even In His name that the world will end, but it was also written that NO ONE knows the day and time, not even the angels. Instead, the Lord instructed us to exercise discernment and to be steadfast in our faith.

We are saddened , discouraged, spirits dampened, scared. The world as we know it will end; and as frightening as it sounds it’s actually something to look forward to because it’s going to be a great day of rejoicing for His children.

In all this let’s exhort one another rallying behind each other to keep running, eyes on the prize and our hearts on the Lord. Take courage and be still because God is faithful and yes, He is coming soon.

Some word of encouragement:

Philippians 3:12-21
Matthew 7:15-16
Luke 21:5-36
James 1:2-6
Matthew 24:3-5,10
Deuteronomy 18:20-22

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