Bible Characters I’d Hang Out With

Aside from Jesus , which bible character would you hang out with if they were still alive? I will just limit my choices to 5, although there are a lot!

Drum roll….

Elisha21. Prophet Elisha – I would feel safe with him all the time. He can easily ward off bullies, And I can (maybe)  ask him to make the Titanic resurface, just like the axhead.  Or we could host a Mission Sunday where we can feed one hundred or even more.

Jonathan sends a message to David by shooting an arrow I Samuel 20:35-

2. Jonathan – He is the ultimate BFF!  He loved tenderly and with abandon. I would rather have one Jonathan, than 400 friends on my page who just like to post pictures of food and fingernails , you know what I’m saying?  With a friend like him who needs enemies?

King_Solomon3.  King Solomon. The wisest of them all, come on! I would want him to be my godfather too.Imagine what our dinner discussion would be like:

“Um, King Solomon you think it’s wise to tweet about my IBS, no?”  “Or maybe left a comment on other people’s blog just to show them I’m really smart, and tell them how to write and just give the writer some flak, you know?” ” Oh, btw, I like your LinkedIn profile, really sharp!”

4. David– I wont make a pass at this guy because as you all know he was  a  ladies man but I would be the first to follow him tweet.  I would probably “favorite” his regular account of his conquests and “like”  his activities.david We could be singing karaoke, dancing , writing poetry all the time or just  act crazy together! Is that awesome or what?

5. Esther. Beauty queen!! Why would I not hang out with her?  She was beautifull, flawlesscourageousand a tactful strategist. Talk about being every woman!


So, have you decided who to hang out with?


2 thoughts on “Bible Characters I’d Hang Out With

  1. Good choices, just for fun I will pick five others: 1, Caleb waited on the Lord and was the only one who took all the land the Lord had promised, even though he was aged.
    2. Samuel, just to hear the Lord voice clearly the way he did! 3. Nehemiah, to rebuild a nation and see unity in the Lord the way he did. 4. John the apostle, to rest my head against the chest of Christ and hear His heart beat, 5. Paul the apostle just to sit under his teaching.


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