Where Are You God? (Parents’ Grief)

I could only imagine what parents of the victims are feeling or going through right now.And while this may not be an exact representation of their grief, my heart is broken for them and I prayerfully dedicate this to them.

Tonight, sleep is elusive
All we have are questions

Why is this happening?
Why the hatred, why the killing?
Why not us? Why our children?

How do we know, How do we explain?
How do you expect us to go on living
When our dreams are now broken
and our fragile hearts bleeding?

How did it start? How did it end?
A lot was lost, there was nothing to gain
Only one thing is certain- our lives won’t ever be the same again.

We heard there is a God
And we asked: “where?”
We’ve heard long time ago
That He really is everywhere.

But clouds are black hanging over our heads
We grope in the dark, lost and scared
We really need you, but where oh God are you??

Then we heard your gentle whisper
“My child , I am here”
I heard you and I truly love you
Don’t worry about your children
They’re safe now, they are here

All this will come to pass
I don’t expect you to understand
But your suffering my child, won’t last
I will come for all of you…and fast.

I am here, my child I’m here
I cradle you in my arms
Drying your bitter tears
One day you will be reunited
with all your children dear.

Take courage for now and be still
Know that I am God
I will be here, forever near.



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