I Heart San Francisco!

This is why I love San Francisco!

En route via train, the coach teemed with red creatures in all sizes, shapes and form. It’s Santa Con!

I asked the lady seated next to me if this was the Santa Con where people get naked, her eyes lit up and exclaimed “Really, I’ve never heard of it before, but don’t they need to go to the bar to do it?” I just had to laugh and said, ” nah, I just made that up” . She’s in her 70s (i think) so it was so cute how she got excited a little bit. She transferred seat to join her husband, and all of a sudden they both bursted laughing, lol! (I figured she told him about the naked Santa Con)


Seeing grown ups wearing the red suit and getting into the Christmas spirit is a bit fuzzy and warm to the heart.

I could use some of that, how about you guys?



Please take off your shoes.

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