Prayer Changes Things.

Prayer Changes Things

I was reading the above article this morning and (and I’m sure there a  lot of articles written about prayers and what it does, etc.)  After reading the article, I typed a comment but then decided to just use it  as reference and expound my comment  here.

When he said prayer changes things, I agree. Not only does it change things  it also moves people. I would like to show you how prayer works (or worked) from the point of view of the recipient, me.

Two years ago, I was unemployed and broke. After months of searching for employment I  found one but it was out-of-state. I prayed for it and waited for confirmation and  it looked like it was the right job for me, everything went smoothly and I was interviewed and hired, pending medical and other paperwork.

I just had one problem, I was so broke I can’t pay for fees for medical and plane ticket. I needed to fly out in two weeks.

One day my friend from church Theresa, and I met for coffee for a one-on-one fellowship.  When we were about to end, she asked me for my prayer request and I told her about the job and the money I needed. She handed me $20 saying it was all she could afford BUT not to worry because God will provide. She handed me the money, held my hands and prayed  “God, this is all I could afford to give her, please multiply this money and provide for her. We trust you and we give back the glory to you and thank you in advance, in Jesus name, Amen.” Then, she said now wait and watch, you’ll see.

A week after that, we had a bible study at my sister’s place and most of our friends were there and I was asked to do the closing prayer. I did mention about my situation and before we all went home, I casually said “hey guys, don’t forget to include me in your prayers, okay?”

My time was closing in, I believe I only had 3 days before my scheduled flight and I only had $20. But you know what I was extraordinarily calm and I kept saying to myself, wait and watch, wait and watch.

I just kept praying and praying. I remember saying to myself, ‘God I don’t know where it will come but I trust you.”

That day after praying,  my employer emailed me and asked me for an update and I had to be honest right? I told her my situation and she didn’t say anything but I told her not to worry, I will be there.

Later that day, my employer sent me another email and the it contained my round trip ticket! Yay!

God was on the roll because the following day, my girlfriend sent me $50.00.  Some friends from the bible study passed the hat and collected  $75.00. That same night, my employer sent me another email containing details of the wire transfer she made for $500.00!!  It was an advance, payable when able. ( I kept the scratch paper I used to write the details on but I erased some info for obvious reasons, see below).


The following day, one day before my  flight another friend asked me to drop by her house  to pick up something for my sister. She was not there but I was given a card. I opened the envelope and dollar bills fell.

I cried and started shaking . I cried across the park, cried at the train station, cried on the train and cried some more at home.  See her card and her message below.

I started with nothing and in two weeks God gave me more than what I needed. I only needed at least $500 but in the end He gave me roughly $1,700. More than what I actually needed.

So yeah, prayers are very effective and God really answers. He is never late. He is always on time. He hears us and moves people to do things in our favor.


2 thoughts on “Prayer Changes Things.

    1. Me too. It just reminded me of God’s faithfulness. I prayed after posting this because i re-read the card and i just cried you know lol. I said “God, I haven’t forgotten you. Thank you” God is really awesome huh?


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