Thank You, Come Again.

I’d like to thank my new found friends on here. I am thrilled by your presence and appreciate you taking time out reading my articles. And already, some blogs have actually…made me cry. It is fulfilling and amazing how strangers can impact our lives by their stories, albeit the pseudonym. A stark contrast to a popular social network I once had a profile on. Too many people, too little connection. Ironic huh?

A little disclaimer before I proceed lest you call me names and get hate comments. I just wanted to share my experience, and while mine may be different from yours, all I really wanted to do is to tell it like it is.

Couple of months ago, I took down my social network profile. When I first joined them in 2005, I was excited because I started finding old classmates, long lost friends, relatives and even exes,lol.

But what started as a vehicle for re-connection had evolved into a shameless platform for bragging. Everything became superficial and tiring. There was no real connection anymore, no genuine communication anymore-just endless posting of pictures of body parts and where they’ve been and just a lot of “likes”. And I wonder what was there to like when prior to taking down my profile I started “checking in” the bathroom doing #2? ( my pathetic sarcastic attempt at testing whether my friends were humans or computer). That was some sort of a captcha if you ask me.

I realized and it was very evident that people need recognition and the overwhelming feeling to belong. I had close to 400 friends on there at that time, but when I announced that I was gonna delete my account, only 10 sent me their contact information so we can continue communicating. Don’t get me wrong, the friends I had on there I still consider my friends it’s just that they live in their own awesome world, and I was just a fan.

I guess I got tired of it and decided I wanted to make better use of my time on the net.

I created this blog because I was compelled to share who God is and His business, surprisingly on the social network all my attempts were not as successful as when I posted a photoshopped picture of me in a bikini.(Not my real body) They were just so happy to leave a comment to say “dream on”. I was just a source of entertainment ( I am really funny I warn you and have an awesome personality /sense of humor) but when I tried to share God with them, I was called self-righteous, fanatic, a fool. While my awesome personality and sense humor are God’s gift, I did not want it to be a distraction hence, I created a blog.

I started blogging in 2003 but several years and URLS later, I took them all down, to my regret. And now, I am starting all over again because I couldn’t contain the goodness of our Lord and I just have to share them with you-blessings to you and glory to our God.

Thank You
Thank You.

So yeah, I am thankful for all of you and I hope you come again.


4 thoughts on “Thank You, Come Again.

  1. I like yourself fell off with the social network. While I still have it, I really only use it to share my blog and connect with family. I’ve changed my life and that social network is not important to me anymore. It’s like just like anything else on the net, it can be used for good or bad. I thank God you have found where you need to be and I know you will bless and reach others with your words……write on!!




    1. Hi Dwayne,

      yeah I agree with you it can be used for good or bad, and like you it is not that important to me anymore. I just leave it to my teenage nephews and nieces ha ha.

      At least now I communicate more with friends through texts and phone calls and occasional email. My inbox is not flooded by game invites and what not.

      And yes, I can write and share and I hope to be more effective this way.

      Merry Christmas to you and your family. Blessings to you. 🙂


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