Now What?

A friend once said to me:”wouldn’t it be terrible to find out that after all your perseverance, and the hard work to become like Christ, all the faith, bible reading and prayers, that there really was no Heaven?”

But wouldn’t it be horribly tragic to find out in the end that after all the defiance,the denial and the sinful immoral lifestyle, that there really was hell?

Suppose I chose to believe in God and there really was no God, what would the damage be to me?

Suppose you chose not to believe in God and you are just existing until you die, and there really was a God that sends sinners to burning hellafter death, now what?



11 thoughts on “Now What?

  1. I agree, but remember that while salvation is free, following Christ has a cost. So hedging your bet sugests that there is nothing else you need to do. Christians are persecuted all around the world for their faith. And I personally believe that people who “believe” due to fear of hell are really not saved. But perhaps I am in error.


    1. Oh no, I am not suggesting that believing in hell should be the motivation in believing that God exists or making Jesus the Lord and savior of their lives. Not at all. Some believe that God is almighty and compassionate and cant reconcile the idea of hell with a compassionate loving God.

      In fact, one article even said that if God is a loving God, the concept of hell is contradicting of the very trait he claims to be. ( the purpose of hell merits an entire article) but many people want to believe in God but not the consequences of sin and hell.

      My blog was in the context of a a cynic asking me about the possibility of a non-existing God hinting that what I am doing as a follower will be pointless. Am I making sense so far?

      I would wanna be warned of hell if there really is one while I am living, but I would also want to be told that there is a God who can save me from it as well. The desire to be saved should not come from wanting to avoid hell, but from the desire to know Him more, serve him and give Him glory.



      1. No I get you and I have (and, coincidentally, in my next blogthat I already wrote!) I will be discussing that in this day and age it is best if you spiritually put all your eggs in one basket (Christ). I have used this argument in the past, more as a thinking exercise for people. But I am concerned that many Christians come to Christ to avoid hell. And is that true Christianity? A good idea for your next blog?


      2. You are right, some might come to Christ to avoid hell, that is not in my opinion a bad motivation in the beginning. I would just hope that in the process they will discover and God will reveal a greater reason for such.

        True Christianity,well its all about personal intimate relationship with God. Who am I to say that their relationship is fake or not?


  2. I love that you wrote about this. It is great! I have been asked this question many times, also. I believe the same way you do and I think it is great that you have the courage to write about God and share His Word with others. God Bless!


    1. I remember back in 1984 , I was at the Evangelical Camp ( and I found my FIRST TRUE LOVE at age 15) and I asked the pastor about heaven and hell. He said ” If God says it, I believe it and that’s good enough for me”. I didn’t quite understand it then because i was thirsty and was trying to really figure things out. Through the years, and by God’s grace He opened my eyes and my heart and the truth was revealed. So when someone asks me about Heaven and Hell, I usually say the same thing. 🙂


    1. Hi James, i could blog about your question lol, but just because we don’t believe in certain things doesn’t mean they don’t exist. If we believe we are Christians and God says we are saved, why cant we believe in heaven or hell? Truth is truth regardless. Thanks for swinging by. God bless you too.


      1. I have read your about, your are not the only prodigal I too ran away and yes it is good He always there to welcome us home again and again…… Amen!
        I know there is a Hell been to close not to!


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