What God Is Not

1 John 4:8
1 John 4:8

I just wanted to list a few things of what God is not as a follow up article to my previous blog “How Is Your God?”

Be wary not to fall into the pits of unholy misconception, God is God regardless of whether we believe His existence or not. God cannot be manipulated and made into someone He isn’t to suit our taste, preference or lifestyle.

Our God is sovereign, holy and compassionate. He wants to bless us, no doubt. But make no mistake, God is not the following:

1. God is not a genie. God in His infinite power can bestow upon us things we need and sometimes, want. He can give us infinite wisdom, bless us with material possessions, give us everything we so desire. But there is a condition. If we live a sinless life and we abide in Him, He is more than delightful to bless us in abundance.

Sometimes, God is silent and He may not give what we ask from Him but that doesn’t mean He doesn’t wanna bless us. The point is, we don’t serve God in order to acquire material wealth and have an easy life. We don’t serve God in exchange of all the things we want to have. God doesn’t operate that way. When we pray the focus should be on God and His goodness.

He knows what we need and want even before asking; and if it’s according to His will, when we ask we shall receive. We don’t become believers “so we can rub a lamp to grant us our wishes”.

2. God is not a hobby. A hobby is defined as a regular activity or interest undertaken for pleasure, typically done during one’s leisure time. We don’t only pray when we have the time. We do not read the bible only after we are done with our chores. We do not thank and praise God only for the good times. We don’t bring our bibles only when there is still room in our purse. God is our life and is deserving of our attention and energy moment by moment.

3. God is not a weekend God. It is tragic to think that God is only working on a Sunday or a Saturday for that matter. We don’t work and live six days a week without God, and go to church on a Sunday believing that we are actually doing God a favor by being there for an hour or so. Christianity is a lifestyle-we live, we breathe, we eat, we work, we drive, we sleep and wake up with God . God is present everyday of our lives. God is not some life disinfectant that we go to once a week for sanctification and cleansing. We don’t say ” Okay God, I have given you an hour of my busy life, see you again next week.”

It’s scary to think that God is only alive on Sunday don’t you think?

4. God is not only the God of big stuff. He is also the God of small stuff. I hope you are not thinking that God is only concern about your salvation and once saved that’s it-His work is done. Naah. Recently, God proved to me that I can also rely on Him to take care of the small stuff.

I am a regular coffee drinker.And if you are like me, you know that a day without it can cause headache. At work one day, I panicked when I discovered that we were out of coffee because I knew what it would do to me-headache the whole day (or until I get my caffeine fix). It may sound silly to some of you, but I started praying and said to God: ” Father, we are out of coffee, please take care of my head today, and please don’t let me have any headache.”

I didn’t ask for coffee (remember He is not a genie), but I asked that I be spared from the pain so I can work efficiently that day, He did care and He took care of my head. 🙂 Wonderful!

5. God is not cranky and mean. You know, it hurts me when I hear people say “God is punishing me” or “Where is God when I needed Him the most?” It hurts when people picture Him as cranky and mean. It hurts when people say, “If God truly loves me, why then does He allow this to happen to me?”

God thinks of us fondly. In the morning, He gets us up on our feet-energized and rejuvenated. If only we could fathom our physical complexity, we wouldn’t be too quick in saying that God doesn’t care. Surely, God thought of how to make us function flawlessly.

He doesn’t forget about rising or setting the sun. At night, He shines the moon to light our paths. He doesn’t forget about the air we breathe.

God sits on His throne but not with arms crossed waiting for us to make mistakes so He can say “you stray, you pay”. God sits on His throne looking down at us with open arms, waiting for us to draw close to Him. He longs to talk to us and couldn’t wait to bless us and manifest His love for us.

God is not dead, He is very much alive.


Please take off your shoes.

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