Praise You in the Storm

The news warned us of a big storm with 70 mph wind. Government agencies and ordinary people were shown preparing for what was to come. They were concerned and fearful. In fact in my own household the fear was for the tall palm tree and the backyard fence (unexpected expense at this time is unsettling, right?)

The thought of potential damage to the property caused alarm and panic. I was asked “what are we gonna do?” Knowing that there really is not much we could do but brace ourselves, I said a silent prayer and told him ” Don’t worry we will be okay, I already prayed.”

At 5 o’clock this morning, I woke up with God’s instruction“Praise me, get up and praise me.” So I did and wrote a short poem too. I pray that you too,will find refuge in God in the midst of any storm.

I’ll praise you in the storm,
I shall not fear
Through lightning and roaring thunder
I know my God you’re near

You are stronger than the tempest
You my God are my fortress
In you I take refuge,my rock, my salvation
This is my holy proclamation!

In the midst of storm
I’ll praise you
In the midst of storm
I’ll sing for you

Heavy rain and strong winds scare me
Trembling overwhelms me
But you my God will keep me
Your embrace will secure me

You’re my shield and my horn
My calm before the storm
Oh Lord God Almighty
I’ll praise you in the storm!

Calm the Storm

Please take off your shoes.

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