Jehovah Rapha…is Alive.

To some people, God is just a distant concept. They may pray but there is a small room for reservation-a mental reservation that God may not totally hear, listen or act on our prayers. Worse yet, they may think God may not be existent at all.

The most wonderful thing that I am thankful for is the privilege to be a child of God, with  endless access to His presence and Holiness through intimate fellowship and prayers.

I have been a follower of Christ for decades now, and although I have a head knowledge of who He is and what He has done and is capable of doing, my prayers would most of the time be hollow, empty and  tired. Some sort of a run-of-the-mill quick fix for my purposeless existence.

Recently, the Lord  showed me in His infinite mercy and loving-kindness that He is more than just a concept- but that He is Alive!

In the last two years, I’ve had severe pain all over my body. Not a single day would pass without me crying, cringing, paralyzed and just plain exhausted, frustrated, disappointed and angry.

The pain was all over my body-from my hair to my nails (well, felt like that). My scalp hurt, my jaw hurt, my shoulders hurt, all my joints hurt, three fingers were crippled and curled up. Knees give out, ankles give out. I was desperately in need of help.  I was given all kinds of pain killers, name it I’ve had it.

For two years, I popped pills like crazy day and night, (and sometimes in between when pain gets really unbearable) . I feared that my life would be a senseless routine of popping  painkillers, it tired me out physically, emotionally and spiritually. (God is the healer and yet, I’ve suffered big time despite prayers!)

In all this, I’d pray and cry out to God in desperation. One day, He was gracious enough to reveal to me a much painful truth. I, although saved  continued sinning, and was desensitized to His voice.  I kept couple of unrepented sins and was not exactly the obedient child I ought to be. Went on living believing or pretending  that God would turn a blind eye to my sins and life will go on as usual.

I confessed and asked God for mercy. His eyes are not closed and His ears are not deaf. His hands are not short in touching me and healing me,He heard my plea and  it’s been two months now that I’ve been pain-free!

What could be a better manifestation of His power and unconditional love, than saving me from myself and healing me? 

Sometimes, God uses pain and suffering to call our attention. He reveals hidden sins so that we may confess and be forgiven. He does all this in order for Him to manifest and demonstrate His love, and healing power.

Glory and honor and eternal  praises  to my God, my healer!


One thought on “Jehovah Rapha…is Alive.

  1. What a wonderful example of the power of prayer and the miracle of healing. I can relate to the “empty prayer” syndrome. I still catch myself doing that at times and this along with some other insight from you has helped me to see how important it is to be aware of that. Thank you.


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