God is quick, very quick.

One morning I prayed to God to reveal what area of my life I needed to surrender. After singing and praising and asking the Lord to  teach me how to have self-control, I was immediately prompted to go the bathroom and there I continued the sing-a-long. After singing the song twice over, I was told to shut up by my roommate (though asked nicely) and all hell broke loose. I lost control and got very upset and I stormed off-very angry.

I was so mad, ashamed and  dissapointed with myself that I just blurted out “What the hell, Lord?”  I could only imagine what God was saying at that time – ” What, you asked me to teach you self-control, and I responded right away now you’re upset with me?  What did I do wrong??”

I asked for it and I failed miserably. God is quick in responding, but I also learned that Satan is as quick. I Peter 5:8  clearly warns us that the devil prowls around like a roaring lion looking for someone to devour. I was so confident, proud and arrogant that the enemy went in for the kill without much difficulty.

But God is a loving God,  although I failed he picked me up and allowed me to move on without condemnation but rather I was handled with care and gentleness.

God is alive and faithful in keeping His promises. Be ready when we pray and ask for something, His hands are not short and is very quick in responding.


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